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Scream Premiere Recap: Get Caught Up On MTV's Terrifying New Show

Do you like scary movies? Everyone’s favorite ’90s horror movie is being brought to life by MTV, and it’s even better than we could have hoped for. Like the hit flick it’s based on, MTV’s Scream is a fright-fest centered around a high school murder mystery –– and it’s straight-up terrifying.

When a YouTube video of high schooler Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus) kissing another girl goes viral around Lakewood campus, bad girl Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne) and her ex-boyfriend are brutally killed. The tragic event is eerily similar to a spree of disturbing murders a few years back, when deformed high school outcast Brandon James casually killed a group of classmates in the name of love. Could the incidents be connected? You’re about to find out in our spooky-scary recap.

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Let’s Set the (Murder) Scene

Scream has a pretty huge cast, but the main protagonist is Emma Duvall (Willa Fitzgerald), a sweet girl-next-door who happens to be dating bad boy Will Belmont (Connor Weil). Emma and her devious friends were responsible for the viral YouTube video of Audrey, and to be honest, all of them seem like they could be murderers (except Emma, that is).

So, who sent the video? That would be Nina, a Regina George-style mean girl who immediately got hers when she was murdered in her swimming pool. The show played homage to its namesake movie by reproducing Scream’s classic Drew Barrymore phone scene –– only Nina got harassed by her killer via text.

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Wake At the Lake

Emma was shaken by Nina’s death and racked with guilt about Audrey, so she did what any teen would do: invited Audrey to a lake party –– which also happened to be a wake for Nina (#LakeWake). The catch? Lakewood’s resident serial killer was shot to death at the lake decades earlier, and his copycat killer might be back for round two.

Back in the roaring ’80s, high schooler Brandon James was in love with a girl he called Daisy who didn’t reciprocate his feelings. When Daisy’s friends beat him up, Brandon put on his handy-dandy Scream mask and went on a murder spree until Daisy finally agreed to meet him at the lake. Brandon was able to hand Daisy a wooden necklace and declare his feelings before being shot by the police, but the catch? Daisy is most definitely Emma’s mom, Maggie Duvall (Tracy Middendorf).

Things took a turn for the creepy in the present-day, when Maggie found a bloody animal heart at her door along with a note that said, “Emma looks just like you at that age.” Fortunately, she called her pseudo-boyfriend, Sheriff Clark Hudson (Jason Wiles) to do some investigating, but the next catch? Sheriff Hudson’s son happens to be Lakewood High’s new poetry-loving hunk, and he was making major moves on Emma.

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Secrets and Lies

Bella Thorne unknowingly texts with a murderer on MTV's Scream.

Bella Thorne unknowingly texts with a murderer on MTV’s Scream.
Credit: MTV

Over at the wake, the conversation naturally turned to horror films (meta alert!). The show’s resident nerd, Noah Foster (John Karna), regaled the group about serial killers (note: He’s obsessed with Brandon James), and then fell asleep only to be dumped at the pier and attacked by an unseen assailant underwater. The good news is that Noah was saved by Officer Hudson’s hunky son, Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serafini), who was fresh off a makeout session with Emma. But wait, you ask –– isn’t Emma dating Will? Nope, she found out he was hooking up with Nina while they were “on a break,” and promptly traded up for Kieran. This is high school, after all.

Meanwhile, Emma’s completely vapid friend, Brooke (Carlson Young), decided it was a good idea to wander on her lonesome to her dad’s garage, and almost got herself murdered by the killer. She didn’t end up going the way of Rose McGowan in Scream (total garage gore-fest), but there’s definitely a murderer among us and he has his sights set on Emma.

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So, who’s the killer? We’re nowhere close to finding out, but as Nerd Noah reminded us, everyone has secrets! Not only did we find out that Will had video files of Nina (did he film her death?!), it was revealed that Audrey has a picture of Brandon James on her wall, and that Brooke is sleeping with her hunky English teacher. Even Noah is hiding something: He ended the episode with actual blood on his hands!

Scream airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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